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Climate Control

The climate of Earth is a climate of change. It can be 65 degrees and sunny in January, but then later that same day the temperature will dip into the single digits with freezing rain leaving a layer of ice an inch thick in its wake. Climate-controlled self storage units can be recommended for a variety of reasons. Climate-controlled storage is a type of self storage that is designed to prevent mold, mildew and moisture problems. High or low temperatures and high humidity are the leading causes of damage to goods in storage. Climate control typically means keeping the temperature below 80 degrees in the summer and above 50 degrees in the winter, with humidity below 65 percent to stop mold or mildew.

When considering traditional storage units versus climate controlled storage units, you should consider if you would feel comfortable placing your items in a garage. If the answer is yes, then you may be comfortable choosing traditional self storage. However, if you would not feel safe with your items in a garage-type environment, then climate-controlled storage is the way to go.

Two of our facilities have climate control storage:

Wondering which items need controlled-storage conditions? Below is a list of items you should consider storing in climate-controlled storage units:

  • Paper products such as photos,
  • files or important documents
  • Electronics such as televisions high def TV, plasma, ink jet printers or computers
  • Appliances
  • Art, oil paintings, etc
  • Home furnishings, especially antiques, leather furniture or high quality furniture
  • Clothes, fabrics, fine linens or leather
  • Mattresses
  • Musical instruments
  • Metals subject to rusting
  • Pharmaceutical products

Climate-controlled storage is ideal for storing any temperature sensitive items. Benefits of Climate Control:

  • Regulated environment to protect your valuables from extreme temperature change.
  • Dehumidifies the air to reduce the impact humidity may have on your valuables.
  • Provides a second layer of security access to your unit.
  • Provides a comfortable environment for you, especially if you visit often.
  • Security code needed to enter, giving an added security level.
  • Many sizes to choose from.

The benefits of climate-controlled storage offer peace of mind and security to tenants storing temperature sensitive items. Peace of mind is well worth a few extra dollars per month and tenants of a climate controlled storage unit can rest assured that their belongings are protected from the rise and fall of temperatures and humidity.

Another common need for a climate-controlled self storage unit would be for pharmaceutical representatives that need to store their merchandise and stock of prescription drugs. Many of these drugs can only be stored under specific conditions.

So whether you need to store items for your residence or your business, temperature-sensitive items, or high-end electronics, your needs will be met with climate-controlled self storage. It provides a real solution for you.