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Stor4You Self Storage was started in 2006 by a local resident

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Stor4You Self Storage was started in 2006 by a local Christian man with a dream to provide safe and secure storage for those who need to protect their valuables. He opened his first buildings and parking lots at Stor4You LLC on 535 Mohns Hill Road, Sinking Spring in August 2006. In 2012 he added two more self storage buildings to this location, allowing for 490 rentable units. In the Autumn of 2016 he added more parking to accommodiate our clients who have 45' trailers or trucks. During this time, he positioned capable, dependable, and dedicated managers that, combined, have over 30 years of experience.

In 2015 he saw an ever increasing need for those seeking clean and secure storage. He also realized that people were seeking his place out because of the customer oriented service that we provided. So, in May of 2016 he acquired a 28 unit facility in downtown Sinking Spring.

Always thinking and aways researching, the owner had purchased two homes and a garage in Bern Township with aspirations of some day adding one last modern climate control facility to his company. Autumn 2016, demolition began on those homes and that garage to make room for our 190 unit all ground level entry climate control building. Taking great care to make sure that security and ease for the customer were his number one conern. Today you can drive by 2665 Bernville Road, Reading Pa and see our beautiful tan and green building with a loading dock and secure sliding glass and man doors that is beautifully landscaped. Better yet, why don't you stop in and talk to one of our managers about any storage needs you may have that we can help you resolve.

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